Glad I caught you~
Oh, hon, if only someone could love those ratchet split ends...

The most fabulous booty in all of the Southern Isles AND Arandelle. Try not to swoon.


Anonymous asked: dO U GOT THE BOOTY HANS

"You don’t wear pants like mine and not have the ‘booty’.”

~For the first time in forever

I’m finally back online

For the first time in forever

I’ll stay on longer for once this time

And I know it is totally crazy

To dream I’d get some asks

But for the first time in forever

At least I got a chance~

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wake me up when there’s a Hans fc and he’s proposing to all the tiny princesses while eyeing their tiaras and sneaking up behind Anna and yanking on her braids and talking smack about Kristoff for hours and making bad ice puns at Elsa


Frozen Sing-Along - July 6, 2014

Photos by friendofthemouse


hire me disney i animated this pose all on my own!

{Yo I’m alive}

uhspermwhales asked: HEY HANS DO YOU GOT THE BOOTY

"Well of course I do. Are You blind?"


[Cold] by shizu

This comic is so damn cute! And Anna looks beautiful *3*

{Drunken Hans and Mun hereto say.. I amm drunk! send us asks!}

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{On tinychat and such. Come joooiinn}

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